After writing a monographic dissertation, which was published in 2016 (Campus Publishing Company), I proceeded towards publishing shorter manuscripts e.g. journal articles.

Publications (Peer-Reviewed)

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Other Publications

Fulda, B.E. (2018). Leitbilder: Vorstellungen vom idealen Leben. In: Randolf Rodenstock, Neşe Sevsay-Tegethoff (Eds.), Werte – und was sie uns wert sind. Eine interdisziplinäre Anthologie. München: Roman Herzog Institut (RHI)

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Grandparental norms and values towards the family: How are they related to grandparental engagement in care for their grandchildren? Accepted for
PAA Annual Meeting 2017, Chicago, IL

The family as a source of support: How and to which extent do family members help each other? Fourth International pairfam Conference, 2014: “Linked life course transitions and family outcomes”, Cologne